"Tell me and I'll forget, show me and I may       remember, involve me and I'll understand."
 Chinese Proverb

Why Study an Instrument/Learn Music? 

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Music For All!

Music in Practice

The Traditional Approach vs.The Suzuki Method

The Traditional Approach to teaching an instrument is recommended for older students (7+) and/or students who might have had some lessons already. The Traditional Approach introduces music reading at an earlier stage than the Suzuki Method and uses a variety of etudes and repertoire to teach the necessary skills needed to play the violin/viola well. Is recommended that traditional private lessons occur weekly, home practice occurs daily and regular listening is happening in order for progress to be made. There are limited spots in my studio for Traditional students. 

The Suzuki Method is a specialized method using the "mother-tongue" approach. For this method to be the most effective, it is recommended that the student begin instrument studies between the ages of 3-7 years old when the language learning centers of the brain are most open. The student and parent work together with the teacher to form the Suzuki Triangle to create an optimal learning environment for the student to include DAILY listening to the Suzuki Recordings, daily home practice with the practice parent, private AND group class lessons (will resume as soon as possible and are TBD at this point in time). Repertoire is taught by ear at first (music reading is taught later) and flows through a specific set of pieces in the Suzuki Method Repertoire Series. Please visit the Suzuki Association of the Americas for more information.  

I am happy to discuss either approach with you more in detail to help you decide which may be more suitable.  

Learning to play a string instrument takes time, dedication, patience, planning and persistence. When you sign up for lessons, I advise that you commit to lessons for at least 9 months so that we can determine long term goals, get to know one another, and develop consistency in your home practice and technique. 


It is important that we find the right instrument and/or rental situation for you.

If your child is a young beginner ages 3-7, we will begin our lessons on a "foam-a-lin" or "foam-a-la" which will allow your child to develop the coordination and appreciation needed before acquiring a real instrument. You'll find more about this under the Current Students Tab. 

If you/your child are an older beginner, we can discuss possible instrument options. Please speak with me before you acquire an instrument as not only is size a necessary factor but also quality. 


Lesson Location
Lessons are available in person on the SW corner or Dobson & Ray in Chandler. Virtual lessons can be given on request or in special circumstances.

Lesson Times/Days
As of now, lessons are being scheduled Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursday afternoons from 4:00 pm to 7/7:15pm  

Tuition Rates Etc. 

Lessons are set up in Quarters as listed below (9-10 weeks each) from August through May. You are only paying for 8 lessons within this 9-10 week quarter time frame which means one lesson can be missed during the quarter. Any additional lessons beyond 8 can be schedule "ad hoc." 


Summer lessons (June & July) are "ad hoc."

Monthly payments are due by your first lesson of the month (August through May) or by the 10th of the month (whichever comes first). 

Quarter 1     August 1 - October 14 (will either include week of 10/3 or 10/10) 

Quarter 2    October 16-December 23 (makeups offered 11/21 & 11/22) 

Quarter 3    January 9 - March 24 (will either include week of 3/13 OR 3/20)

Quarter 4    March 27- June 2



Payments are accepted in check, cash, ZELLE, or PayPal. 


Tuition amounts are per student/per lesson length.

30 min. lessons = $105/month or $32/lessons "ad hoc" 

45 min. lessons = $165/month or $50/lesson "ad hoc" 

60 min. lessons = $205/month or $62/lesson "ad hoc"

$15/Suzuki group class or $48/4 months (Aug-Nov or Jan - Apr) 


A FULL 24 hour notice is required for any missed lessons. Any missed lessons beyond the first one will be added to a "Make-Up" list. Weekly availability will be emailed out to those on this make-up list. Any make-up lessons will need to be taken within the quarter in which the original lesson was missed.

*Late fees may be added at a later date

* There are no refunds or lesson credits

Recitals occur twice a year. All students will be expected to perform a polished piece. Any Suzuki students who have successfully polished either the Twinkles or an entire Repertoire Book may perform their very own Graduation Recital. Any seniors graduating from high school should expect to also prepare for their very own Senior Recital.

Interested in Lessons or Have Questions?
Please go to the Contact Tab and send me a message.
Please let me know if you'd like to schedule a 15 minute free online meet/greet session online before we proceed with formal lessons